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You and your team enter a room – it’s dark and musty. This isn’t like any Escape Room you’ve been to before…

‘We’re standing in what looks like an attic. A bare bulb hangs from the ceiling, illuminating a sloping roof and white-plaster walls that are criss-crossed with cobwebs. And between these walls piles of electronic equipment are stacked everywhere… Everything is covered in a thick layer of dust. This looks like the place old computers come to die.’ (Escape Room, p.15-16) 

Suddenly a computer screen flickers to life, and on it is a chessboard – the e-CHESS 2000. 

A set of instructions appears…. Are you ready to play?

symbol 2.png

Figure out the answer to the puzzle, then click the button to head to the next room. The password is always a number so look out for those in the puzzle above. For example, if the answer is 3 you'll have to type '3' to enter the next room.


You'll only be able to move forward if you've found the correct number! Click the buttons to receive hints if you're not sure.

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